Posting While at RoCoCo Camp

So I’m at RoCoCoCamp Montreal.

I was there with Mark (one of the AboutUs staff) to help set up this morning (waking up in the morning is not usually the norm for me)…

It’s a completely new concept for me, the lack of structure. If you have an idea for discussion, write it down (see “Marketplace” wall) and discussion groups will be created.

The laws of OpenSpace (the format of this “unconference”) are:

  • Whoever comes is the right people (because they have a passion for the topic).
  • When it starts, it starts (it’s okay to be late)
  • Whatever happens is the only thing that ever could have.
  • When it’s over, it’s over.

I’m not a great one for meeting people and being social, I sort of have to encourage and coax myself into it (the whole social thing, it’s a process). In the discussion groups, meeting people from different Wikis (especially the AboutUs folks, finally putting names to the faces!), getting different points of view, it’s interesting to say the least.

…and yes, I did come across some Wikipedia people, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was sort of expecting doom and gloom and negative comments (you know, I was even part of a discussion [about OpenID implementation into MediaWiki] with Angela Beesley – there was an aside discussion about article ownership vs community ownership & I made mention of Centiare and Wikipedia Review and added “oops, I’m not supposed to say that, am I?”, which got a smile from some of the participants) but it really wasn’t that bad. (I don’t know if I should add the word “yet” in there or not)

As an aside, knowing what I know about TheWikiWay (it’s about people & their contributions, working together for the greater good to build something), Wikipedia definitely has it all wrong and they have for a while. Not many people will admit that to you. You don’t have to look far – lots of infighting, squabbling, personal attacks, content does that help build anything? How does it benefit the project? If you make an edit, ask yourself if it will help benefit the project and if that answer is no, don’t type anything (it’s ironic that I paraphrased Essjay, is it not? Regardless of his identity, he was right).

So that’s it so far, in a nutshell.

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