gay stereotypes

Gay Stereotyping

Just bear with me for a bit on this long post. There’s a point to be made.

Do you think gay guys:
Always have nice done hair
Have a distinct walk

That’s what I have read from a website. I sometimes confused about gay stereotypes. But I know some people are not matched. In my school, I guess 80% of gay dudes have nice hair and 70% of them dress up nicely. But you know, now straight guys really care about their appearance ,too. My straight cousin spend more time in the mall than I did.

etc etc, you can figure out the rest, there’s no point to quote the whole thing.

My response is..something you’d pretty much expect from me if you know how I think…

Written on February 7th, 2007, 06:44 AM

OK, I have large problems with stereotypes – what gay guys “should” and “shouldn’t” do/wear/have/etc.

I’m bi (and that doesn’t mean I screw anyone with two legs and a heartbeat, thanks)..and I don’t care about my hair as long as it’s short and out of my way..I don’t care about fashion as long as the colours match (if it looks nice, I’m wearing it, price doesn’t have to be an object if I can afford to factor it out)…I don’t care about interior decorating as long as my walls are a nice colour (they’re sky blue) and my bedding has to match the colour of the walls…I don’t act masculine and I don’t act effeminate (about 90/10, excessive effemininity really irritates me, nothing personal to anyone who is – if I wanted to befriend or date a girl, I’d go do it)…I don’t know how to cook anything and everything (I know how to cook the basics)…I’m not a gigantic fan of Kylie or Madonna or etc…I don’t pierce either of my ears (in fact, I’d add that one in)…I don’t like sports either (the other side of the coin)…My “gaydar” only works when it wants to…I don’t like to sing (but I can sing on-key) and I have two left feet (I can’t dance)…I don’t care about the bullshit society feeds us about how males and females must look like (do I want to be wafer thin? no. I don’t think so, and I wouldn’t want my prospective partner to be, either. Get some meat on those bones.)

This is as far as I go: nice smelling shampoo, usually fruit-scented.

I think I’ve covered the basics.

I don’t listen to stereotypes, generalisations, etc..I do my own thing and I’m not a sheep (I don’t follow the crowd), I’m my own person. I don’t let that crap rule my life. I don’t let anyone or anything dictate to me who/what I “should” be.

Gay guys (or bi guys, or lesbians, etc) don’t have to have any of the stereotypical nonsense. In fact, you might know someone who’s gay/lesbian/bi and not even know it.

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