the shallow society

Shallow Society

bidude711 writes:

Ever fallen in love with / had feelings for… someone you thought you’d never want to be with because they weren’t “good-looking” enough? Has someone’s personality won you over so much that you wanted to be with them no matter what they looked like?

My response is obviously something most of my readers would expect.

February 18th, 2007, 07:58 PM

I get rejected a lot because of my looks (more often than not, by guys who claim to only look for friends – if you’re looking for friends, what does it matter what someone looks like – you’re looking for common interests, not rippled muscles and a cock – or else you’d be looking for something else entirely) – and I think I’m of average looks. I’m not ugly (I can think of worse) and I’m not breathtakingly gorgeous (but if anyone thinks I am, then I’ll wonder what you’ve been smoking)…

I am just an average, ordinary-looking guy. No rippled abs, no 6-pack, not anorexically thin…and somehow, that is not enough for a lot of guys. I hate the way society puts such emphasis on looks.

So if I were to reject anyone based on looks, I’d just end up looking like a fool and contradicting myself…so my answer would be: no, I’ve never done that.

And yes, anyone I’ve wanted to date with have always won me over with their personality (someday, I’d like to say that I’ve won someone over with my personality) regardless of what they look like and I hope that continues.

(Most of society just doesn’t understand that looks fade over time. After all, you’re not going to have those rippled abs forever, you know. You’re going to get old and die eventually. Beauty is not eternal. Intelligence, personality, those things last a lot longer.)

I hope that if I ever get to be that shallow and reject someone for their looks, that some nice person just puts me out of my misery and shoots me.

The only shallow – if it even qualifies as shallow – thing about me is: If I want to date someone, I have to be able to cuddle them & not feel skin and bone while I’m doing it. At least be healthy, not look like you could stand to eat a week’s worth of meals.

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