opinion on the human mind

Opinion on the Human Condition

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately:

Do we as human beings exist only to destroy ourselves? In my observations, we incredibly petty human beings live life only to satisfy our own interests and indulge our own wants and desires.

We want what they want when we want it and we don’t care about you or me or whose toes we have to step on to achieve our goals. The world seems to be run primarily on money, opportunism and greed. Romance is dead – at least, the romance you see in movies, that’s been a dead for quite a while.

You only have to look outside your own doorstep – people cheating on their spouses, people attacking others (not just physically but with words), malicious gossip, defamation, slander, generalisations, racism, intolerance…are these really the actions of people who really care about others?

What does this say about us as a society? That’s why I enjoy watching sci-fi, all the possibilities of what could be, if only which will probably never happen.

I mean, really thinking about it..we’re even sending messages out into space hoping that some alien civilisation will reply. Why would they? We have our own problems – a huge, massive amount of problems.

I wouldn’t be surprised if aliens take one look at the TV and radio transmissions we’re sending out, they think “fuck that” and they fly the other way instead. We’re not worth their attention – not yet.

Maybe in a few hundred years or a few thousand – not now. Human beings have to learn not to be so fractured, divided and petty – even if it takes another war or two to learn that.

…not that I’m justifying or advocating war, don’t get me wrong…but I think that if it takes a war to get us to really think about where we’re going, that’s fine by me.

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