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When you see something like this (below) on IRC, you tend to wonder. Why would you ask for a job in horribly spelled netspeak (nevermind that you’re in the wrong place anyway)?

It’s not even close to professional. It would benefit this person to at least appear professional in his/her job searching efforts – make it look like he/she actually has intelligence.

If the most brilliant person I’ve ever seen asked me for a job using netspeak, they still wouldn’t get it – even if they had excellent credentials, education, experience, I’d tell them to learn how to spell.

(Of course, if they had excellent education, they’d already know how to spell) I’m not expecting university-level English but if you can’t spell the most basic of words, you really need to go back to school.

If it looks like you need spelling lessons, you look like a complete idiot. If I have to ‘decode’ what you’re typing, you look like an idiot even more.

It really only saves you a fraction of a second to skip those letters, so you end up wasting no time at all to put them back in. If you’ve been using computers for a while (like I have), your spelling & grammar would be around 99% accurate.

See how ridiculous this person looks:

[18:11:19] [join] * WebUser [n=WebUser@<IP address redacted>] has joined #aboutus
[18:11:30] <@TedErnst> hello WebUser
[18:11:55] <@TedErnst> what can we do for you?
[18:12:20] <WebUser> h am looking for a job
[18:12:46] <WebUser> can u help?
[18:13:19] <WebUser> tel me pls about this programe
[18:15:16] <WebUser> ?????????

(If you’re using a Java-based applet to access IRC, you don’t need to know “about this programe” because you’re already using it. Duh.)

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