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Demands and People Who Make Them

To cut to the chase & summarize, this is an experience I’ve had with a fellow blogger. You can decide for yourself if you want to read it.

Editor’s note: WARNING: This post has some strong language, which is to be expected considering I’ve been cyberstalked by yet another psychotic freak – for the third time in 12 years. Get used to it, people get upset all the time.

I’ll hide this post under the “More..” button for those particularly sensitive to strong language – there are only three instances of it, but still…

Update on 18th Aug: One of the e-mail accounts used in harassing me has been suspended. That leaves one left.

I am just too upset for words right now.

I received an e-mail from someone by the name of Craig Kohler, who works for (steer clear of them, they are not worth your time – there’s a lot of wonderfully written & informative stuff there but do you really want to support a website that knowingly accepts writing from someone who acts like a psychopath?) asking me to pare down or remove a post I had posted, which quoted his site verbatim (quoting some Google guidelines etc).

Fine, I’m willing to address any concerns about my site. However, he does include something like (paraphrased) “If you don’t take action, I’m afraid I will regretfully have to….”.

So basically, he says “Listen to what I have to say or I do this” which is a threat. Pure and simple, that’s a threat. There’s no two ways about it. No matter how nice you are, “do this or I take this action” is a threat.

So he responded to my reply (which included a condition to remove the threat) with

a) debating if it was a threat or not with a long paragraph starting with “the Wikipedia definition of threat says..” Fuck Wikipedia. The accuracy of Wikipedia is questionable. Besides that, if you want a definition of a word, you don’t go to Wikipedia. You go to a reputable dictionary website, such as Is Wikipedia the best this guy can come up with? Anyway.. he threatened me and now he’s trying to weasel his way out of it, when what he really needed to do was to be an adult and apologize for threatening instead.

b) repeating the same threat again. So we’re at two threats now. Obviously this guy just isn’t getting the idea. I don’t respond well to threats.

c) continuing to threaten me again in future e-mails.

I responded again with “I have zero intention of listening to a word you’re saying if you continue to make threats. In fact, my own solution will be to blacklist your entire site. I won’t be posting about anything there and in fact, I will go out of my way to seek alternate sources.”

So now, he responds with a blog post, completely defaming me and calling me “unstable” (he has since removed this part but he’ll probably add it back in), ranting on and on about how my site can’t possibly be popular with a Google PageRank of 4 (there are enough people who read this, that’s all I’m saying).

Yep, he blames me instead of apologizing for the threats, instead of dealing with the problem in a mature manner (and not threatening in the first place), he blames me. Now I don’t know what you’d call it, but I call that ignorant, childish, just plain stupid, moronic…

Let’s get some things straight, for the record:

  • I don’t care how popular this site is. I really don’t. I blog for the fun of it. I know there are enough people reading the site that it’s a worthwhile effort and depending on the subject material I’m reading at the time, I will either blog for the audience (because there’s something I think they should read) or I will blog for myself (because there’s something interesting I’d like to note so I can get back to it later). The popularity is irrelevant. I’m well-known enough (sometimes infamous). This blog is not a popularity contest. It never was nor will it ever be.
  • I have bipolar (affective, which is not the same) disorder and this asshole’s calling me “unstable”. God, that has to be the most ignorant & stupid thing one can ever say. “Yeah, he’s completely unstable because he’s resisting my attempts to reason with him, which include threatening”. What an dick this guy is.

Basically, if he doesn’t get what he wants when he wants, he starts attacking. I tried about 6 times to mediate the dispute, his language went from vile to even more vile.

There seems to be two distinct sides to this guy. I’ve seen some of his writing. It’s brilliant. However, I’m faced with a completely different person, one who acts like an abusive, stalking, defaming, arrogant, childish, ignorant prick.


It’s all my fault that I said no to him, right? Story of my life. Always my fault. Being bullied, harassed, defamed by people on LiveJournal, defamed some more on another website, then defamed by some people on Wikipedia which leads to even more defamation by that other website, then later defamed by this’s obviously my fault because I’m a born with a mental disorder so I absolutely deserve all the shit I can get just because I’m obviously such a fucking fruit loop, isn’t that right?  It’s exactly those kind of people who knowingly victimise people with mental disorders who deserve a punch in the face for their efforts.


I really don’t like people who are difficult, those who can’t conduct themselves maturely, those who deliberately insult and defame someone just because they don’t get the response they want/just because the other person won’t do what they say.

You have no idea how childish that is. I’m 31 years old, I don’t resort to provoking others unless I’m provoked and I certainly don’t need to be involved with these kind of people – but they seems to follow me 

I have given this guy several chances to just delete his blog post and walk away and he refuses to take them. I’ve offered to remove this post if he removes his own defaming blog post and he uses even more abusive language (doesn’t this guy know any other language than “go fuck yourself”? That’s getting old.)

Anything I do now will be on his head. I hope he likes Google cutting off his e-mail account, I hope he likes content providers who refuse his submissions and I hope he likes the FBI knocking on his door because that’s what’s going to happen.

I have served him, his hosting provider and his domain registrar (that last is probably not needed) with a takedown notice, notifying them that they have a reasonable period of time to remove the offending blog entry or I can and will pursue alternate avenues of getting the information removed.

If he can somehow see reason, I think that would be a miracle.

However, he ignored that takedown notice, and chose to make baseless legal threats in return. This psychotic freak gathered up every online link he could find which mentions me (eBay, Digg,, every social networking profile, Yahoo, Yahoo 360, you name it) and tried to use that information to blackmail me into silence.

Obviously, there’s nothing on those pages that could possibly be threatening or incriminating (I don’t ever release my address or phone number, not even in WHOIS information & even if I give out a mailing address, it’s a PO Box and not my home address – anything other information about me is not a threat to me) but of course, merely the act of collecting all this information is very stalkerish behaviour.

I think I will close this post with some food for thought for you: Maybe it is true, “screwed up people attract screwed up people”.

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