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A Review of Grouply

Please read the TechCrunch review of Grouply before reading further, so as to better familiarize yourself with what the site actually does.

Here is my review:

When I signed up, support for Google Groups was so far “being worked on”. I could only use Yahoo! Groups with Grouply.

When you sign up and enter your Yahoo ID, Grouply creates an e-mail address for you and redirects all your Groups’ e-mail to that. It then takes over the web management and notifications that Yahoo!

Groups otherwise would; they say the idea is to incorporate Google Groups and Yahoo! Groups and send notifications about both all in one e-mail – a great idea if it actually works!

The downside to their service – when you post something to your Groups from the Grouply page, your e-mail address is used, not your usual one (so that’s bound to confuse some people).

This has the potential to attract spam to that e-mail address – I wonder if there are spam controls set up. There are also no group moderation controls “so far”.

There was no automated removal system, so I had to e-mail them to remove my account and I had to fix my settings from the Yahoo! Groups page. This is a very bad thing, because the average user might not know how to repair their settings.

I may try them out again in a few months to see if the service has progressed. It has the potential to be an interesting tool – but they probably should have worked out the kinks before opening the site to the public.

EDIT: I’ve heard back from the Grouply people and they say some of the flaws I’ve mentioned have been worked on already.

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