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Top 30 Most Wasted Domains

Posted by Chief Editor at 10:03 am on Saturday, August 11, 2007

Peter at wrote an interesting article where he lists the 30 most wasted domain names he could come up with. As we all know, domains are very precious assets. Millions of dollars are spent every year in domain auctions across the world as the world starts to realize how valuable online property is.

Some people already possess these premium and very valuable domains and don’t even realize how rich these domains could make them if they developed them properly. Some of them may think that the most money they can make is parking their premium domains to generate revenue everyday.

Peter’s “List of 30 Wasted Domains” were obtained by considering both PageRank and Alexa rankings.

PageRank: Unranked
Alexa: Over 350,000
This domain is simply parked.

A single page with nothing on it except a lame colored logo. The sky is the limit for a domain like this.

PageRank: Unranked
Alexa: Unranked
This one is parked too but has a cool design. I’m guessing it’s making decent money, but no where near what a domain of this weight can bring in. Any regular developed porn site attached to this domain could make the profits hit the roof.

After being presented with a warning page of enter or exit, the only thing you see next is a parked page.

5) / 6)
These two can be put in the same category. With all the talk about aliens and ufo’s, these domains can be instant success.
Instead, is a 404 page!!
And just a parked page.

More at the source article…

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