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Valentine’s Day

I hate V-Day too (it should be officially renamed ‘Singles Awareness Day‘) but for my own reasons:

  • You don’t need to set a specific day aside to express your appreciation for your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other when you can instead take some time out of your day to do this all the time.
  • It’s yet another ‘Hallmark holiday‘ – and it’s way, way too commercial.
  • It’s specifically targeted at couples – while the single people either ignore it & pretend it doesn’t exist or wallow in depression because they’re single
  • I don’t need a man/woman in my life to feel complete (though it’s nice). In fact, I’m quite used to being by myself, with my own thoughts, alone (being used to it doesn’t mean I like it).

I shouldn’t need to buy presents on Valentine’s Day just to express my affection for whomever I happen to be dating/in a relationship with at the time. 

I usually tend to follow the policy of:

  • If they suggest they need something (or ran out of something they use) and it’s practical, buy it for them.
  • If they follow a certain TV series or listen to certain music, burn some for them.
  • Surprise someone with something they like.

I’m a huge fan of homemade gifts and I love shopping for others (often getting carried away while doing it). If I can make them with the materials I’ve got, I’ll gladly give them.

Though in my recent history of giving homemade gifts, it’s about a 50/50 chance that the other person will even acknowledge their appreciation and the time I took out of my day (or two or three) to make them; it still feels good to give something when I know the other person can use it – and I certainly don’t need to wait until V-Day to do it.

I don’t restrict such things to just romantic interests – I even give friends the odd gift if I know they’ll like it (and lately, it’s been only friends who get anything because I know they’ll appreciate it).

Going back to what MadHacktress wrote… considering my less than stellar relationship history, I tend to not to say (or even hint at) “I love you” until/unless the other person says it first and I happen to feel the same way.

I can’t take those kinds of chances anymore. I have no problems saying “I like you” or “I really like you” but that’s about as far as it goes. I can’t bring myself to take much risks at all in the relationship department, for fear that it will just lead to yet another dismal failure.

Yes, I’m probably mentioning too much personal stuff in a public entry but whatever…there’s nothing here that won’t bite me in the ass later (I’m very careful in that way).

So anyway…I think probably the most thoughtful thing anyone’s ever done for me on Valentine’s Day was: 

A girlfriend (at the time) bought me a small cheesecake (with cinnamon hearts on it and all that stuff) and put it in my fridge so that I’d discover it on my own later (she had a key to my place so it was really a surprise) but considering that whole relationship ended up being built on a lie (I’m not going to expand on that)…I tend to question anything she’s ever done during that time so was it really thoughtful at all? Should it ‘count’ for anything?

If we’re not going to count that, I’ll have to say: Nobody’s ever done anything for me at all on Valentine’s Day. Sad but true.

And now my rambling comes to an end.

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