dating deal breakers

Dating Deal-Breakers

Another good idea stolen from a forum. I’ll change it to be more non-gender-specific:

You’ve met the perfect one for you.. they’re everything you want in a person.. you’re just about to fall in love.

And then they drop the bomb… they’re _____.

What are your dating deal-breakers?

Mine are…

He/she has…

…been cheating on you the whole time.

…admits they lied a lot (one lie will just be disappointing but forgivable, just don’t do it again)
…or has problems telling the truth
…or has to lie to cover up their lies then forgets which lie they’re telling today

…ultra-religious fanatic (religion is fine, let’s keep our faiths [or lack thereof] to ourselves)
…a drug-addict / into heavy drugs (light drugs are acceptable as long as they don’t take over your life)
…likes kids in that creepy Michael Jackson kind of way.
…considers being gay/bi/trans/two-spirited (have to cover all the bases) a “choice” or a “lifestyle”.
…doesn’t care about the world, current events, politics, etc.
…isn’t considering coming out…ever
…bad personal hygiene.
…drinks too much (a little is forgivable…drinking while at a club/bar is acceptable..letting it take over your life is not)
…self-centred (I can forgive a little but a lot? no)
…is wayyy overly flirtacious (a little is considered friendly, a lot is unacceptable)
…is not willing to help me through my issues in return for helping them through theirs (let’s be fair, a relationship is give-and-take)

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