About Nathan

Nick Name:I don’t really have one. I prefer “Nath” (by friends only) but it’s rarely used. Other than that, I really don’t like it when people shorten my name (or lengthen it), it’s a pet peeve of mine.
Age:31 (3 July 1976)
Place of Birth:York (Toronto)OntarioCanada.
Hometown:BarrieOntarioCanada. I grew up there and the first seventeen years of my life was spent there. In 1985, an F4 tornado struck the city; fortunately, only affecting the opposite side of town.
Where I’ve Lived:These are all within the province of Ontario, Canada:Toronto (1976-1977)Barrie (1977-1993)Newmarket (late 1993 – 1994)Toronto (1995-15 March 1998)Ottawa (15 Mar 1998 – Present)There’s a reason why I’ve moved around so much. I think I’m fairly settled and grounded enough not to be making any moves in the foreseeable future.
Ancestry:Third and fourth-generation (1/4 + 1/8 + 1/8 = 50%) British, third-generation west indian (1/4) (Trinidad), about fifteenth-generation (that’s a guess) French
Astrological Sign:Cancer
Height:5’10” (70cm) / 1.78m (177.8 cm)
Weight:190 lbs (this is what happens when you take the wrong medication)
Hair Colour:Brown
Eye Colour:greenish-blue
Occupation:Community Services Coordinator for Xytra (I’m not just an employee, I’m also a client). In my spare time, I am part-time web developer, website support for a couple of LiveJournal-based blog providers (AboutMyLife.net & CrazyLife.org), co-contributor for The Safer Sex Blog, and Wiki administrator of BluWiki. None of these take up enough of my time.
Online Availability:I’m online 24/7/365 in some form or other. I use most instant messaging clients, but predominantly Google Talk, IRC, Jabber & MSN. As far as voice communication goes, I am reachable using many different ways (Skype, Gizmo Project/SIPphone, local phone call in UK/Ireland/Ottawa-Gatineau, Canada).
Social Networking Profiles:I do not list these because I’ve been a several-time victim of harassment and cyberstalking (there’s nothing personally identifiable listed on any of these profiles but even so…) If you have a profile on any social-networking site (and I know who you are), I probably have you added already – if not, you may ask.
Memberships:CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority)NDP The New Democratic Party of Canada
My Computer:See this.
My Mobile/Cellphone:Nokia 2125i on Virgin Mobile. I’d prefer a GSM phone over CDMA any day of the week but CDMA providers are usually cheaper.
Geek Code (ungeek):—–BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK—–
Version: 3.1
GCM d- s>+ a C++$>++++ UL+ P+>++ L++$>++++ !E E—- W+++$ N++ o? K- w>— !O O- M+ !V V– PS+>$ PE->$ !Y Y+ !PGP t+ 5+ X+ !R R- tv+>$ !b>++ DI+ !D G e h>++ r-$ y?
Vices:Amazingly enough, nothing. I’m a social drinker, that is to say, very rarely. Caffeine does not affect me whatsoever. Most prescription drugs have to be of an abnormally high dosage in order to do what they’re supposed to. I have excellent willpower and I’m not addicted to a thing, besides the Internet. In fact, I used to smoke ages ago (that did not last long), then just stopped cold turkey without so much as a craving.
Beliefs:No one should have a health condition turned against them as a means of winning an argument.Accusations which could be construed as defamatory should not be made without providing compelling evidence.I believe in complete honesty, even though most of us selfish humans do not. I’m quite often blunt and to the point. That also means I have no problems telling someone if he/she did something to offend me, even if it’s something they don’t want to hear. On the flipside, this also means I have no problems telling (or showing) my friends how much I care about them & value them as friends. I think that’s something we all need to hear at some point.I don’t care about silly nonsense like looks; I care about who people really are. If you’re ugly inside, it makes you an ugly person, whether you’re considered “cute” on the outside or not. Looks are only skin-deep, get to know the whole package before you judge.We’re fucked (we can’t even take care of our planet). The evidence is overwhelmingAlmost everyone is out for themselves. Experience has made me a cynic.Romance isn’t dead, it just takes the right people to revive it.Stereotypes are evil.Religion is divisive and causes a lot of conflict. Wars all throughout history have been caused by religion. Even now, there are conflicts between religious groups. I choose to have nothing to do with that. I respect others for whatever beliefs they may have, although I don’t share them. I have my own set of beliefs, and they don’t fit into any organized religion. I believe that religion and government should be seperate and not mixed.Anyone who’s in a relationship shouldn’t cheat. Open relationships are another thing altogether, that’s not cheating if both parties consent. Of course, there’s a lot of things people in relationships “shouldn’t” do in addition to just the one.Treat others as they treat you (not as you’d like to be treated, that’s too idealistic), though there’s a line to be drawn someplace.Do I want kids? No. I would never want to bring a kid into this screwed up world especially with the chance that he/she may be as screwed up as I am, if not more.Getting tested before having sexLoyalty to my friends no matter what and never betraying their friendship [1]Equality for everyone (give everyone the same rights, what you call it is irrelevant)I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who resorts to the coward’s way out (suicide)I no longer take risks in relationships. Trust has to be earned.People are assholes most of the time; I just keep hoping the next person won’t be one (and thus the vicious cycle of disappointment with the human race). I don’t give second chances to anyone except friends (unless the person can provide a solid reason as to why they deserve one).Gossip is for those with no lives, who try to make one from the miseries & misfortunes of others.The “gay scene” is superficial nonsense.
Favourite Music Group:No favourites. I like any type of music with the exception of really heavy stuff, rap and country.
Favourite TV Shows:The list is wide and varied and includes: Star TrekFarscapeAndromedaSouth ParkDoctor WhoTorchwoodFuturamaThe Outer LimitsThe SimpsonsStargate SG-1/Atlantis, the list goes on…
Favourite Subject:Computer Science/IT (but not math)
Hobbies:Chatting online, reading, writing, watching TV/movies/DVDs (of which I have built up a rather extensive collection – more than 500 movies and various TV series at last count), computers, Internet, travelling (when I can afford it), hiking and camping (though I haven’t done either in a while), cooking (nothing elaborate) and more. I’m up for almost anything that gets me out of the house.
My Likes:Animals (especially dogs and cats – I’m more of a cat person), candles, incense, any shade of blue, sunsets (I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic), going out for long walks, science fiction, people who are assertive and know what they want. I enjoy giving some of my time to help benefit Wikis (which are not at all affiliated with Wikipedia). I have an interest in Internet law, science, psychology and physics.
Dislikes/Annoyances:When people don’t say what’s on their mind when they should. I think it’s rarely appropriate to deliberately conceal information from someone, even if it’s something they don’t want to hear.intrusive, annoying Flash ads that blast sound at you as well as ads in movie theaterscrowdsshallow peoplevain peoplepeople who are quick to judge (though we all judge, it’s human nature)people who think other people aren’t capable of changing (we’re all capable of changing, whether we do it or not is another story)people who don’t treat others fairly (“fair” is subjective). This includes harassment and cyberstalking, which I do not tolerate in any form, whether it’s directed at me or someone I care aboutdrama queensreligious conservativespeople who are quick to make generalizations and assumptions (even assumptions about me/what mood I’m in/what kind of day I’m having, it really annoys me as it’s my job to tell you)netspeak. If you talk like this (“lol”, “u”, “neways”, etc), I’ll ignore you. Using net-speak is considered unprofessional, lazy, impolite, and suggests lack of intelligence. It’s also hard for people do not use English as their first language to understand you. Don’t butcher the English language any more than it is already. If I have expend some effort to read your message (to “decode” it), it’s really not worth my time & effort.People trying to shove their religion down my throat, whatever it may be. If people wish to respect me, they need to respect my beliefs and my choice to have nothing to do with religion.People who are rude for absolutely no reasonPeople who are quick to misuse the word “gay”. The word “gay” is not a fill-in-the-blanks word for bad/crap/pathetic/stupid/an insult, etc. Just like “retarded” is offensive to those with disabilities, the misuse of “gay” is offensive to those that are gay. Not only is it a complete misuse of the word it is also offensive and yet more evidence that people have a 20 word vocabulary. Use the word in its proper context or don’t use it at all.The word “faggot” used in its derogatory sense. If I hear that word being used, I’ll beat the person who uses it, no questions asked. It’s the most ignorant way of saying “you’re gay” to someone who’s gay/bi/etc. It’s not a startling revelation to the person you’re talking to, they already know this. It’s like calling a black person the n-word (which will likely get your ass kicked).People trying to “guess” my sexual orientation, plastering labels beside my name, etc. People who do this always get it wrong (but is it really any of your business?)People who think being gay means “willing to fuck anything male that moves“, being lesbian means “willing to fuck anything female that moves” and being bi means “willing to fuck anything that moves”. No, I haven’t fucked a doorstop lately but thanks for asking.Being referred to online as “NathanR”. I hate it. It makes me look like some idiot AOL’er.
About Me, In My Own Words:I’m a jaded & cynical bastard – due to past experiences more than anything else. Under the jaded & cynical exterior, you may find a warm & waring person. I’ve been using the Internet for long enough that I don’t believe half the crap I see on here & I don’t take people’s words & intentions at face value. I give every person at least one chance to prove themselves to me. If they don’t pass the test, they’re not worth talking to.
Bad personality flaws:Impatience, shyness (I’m by no means a people person; more likely to talk to people on the net and in person if and when I get to know them and they get to know me), sometimes forgetful if I don’t write things down; I’m not an easily forgiving person; prone to acting impulsively if attacked. I’m not someone who’s compatible with a lot of people.